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Individual and Couple's clients appreciate that I provide email support at no additional fee outside of their sessions. This allows them to be connected to their growth, stay focused and motivated toward reaching their goals. I also provide short videos or articles which help my clients make progress! I do this because I know that change takes repetition and perseverance, two things that I am very invested in. I help the individuals and couples in my practice become aware of and change unhelpful patterns in their personal and professional lives. I am passionate about maintaining hope, and I encourage you to explore new options, most importantly, to keep going!  

Your time is valuable and we will work hard to determine the specific areas that you feel need improvement. Change occurs through solution-focused strategies; goal development and measurement of progress; in addition to awakening the mind-body correlation.

Positive connection with others is the essence of life but when anger, sadness, or anxiety creeps in, it can often result in feeling alone, misunderstood, blamed or guilty. The individuals and couples in my practice become more aware of how they have “boxed” themselves and others into certain personal or career roles. Your work may include looking at relationships that may have declined, whether or not certain relationships or work settings can be re-launched or let go, and/or where boundaries may need to be placed.

My clients are successful people, who in their own lives, are usually called upon to make decisions, assist others, and in general, get things done. It is always an honor when they contact me to help them process and develop awareness of issues that as of yet, they've had difficulty resolving. Our work is generally expedited because of their ever present drive to take steps toward the change they seek.

My office is distinctive and has a warm feeling which helps to foster insight, awareness and growth. Nearby my office, there are walking paths and a pond.

My background as a Licensed Professional Counselor & Board Certified Coach draws from over 20 years of combined experience in psychotherapy, education and business. Having the innate ability to listen without judgement, and sense what my clients may be going through, is a strength that enables me to be supportive and caring.

When you contact me, I will return your call personally to discuss the challenges and goals that you would like to work on in our sessions.


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I offer flexible scheduling, to include evening appointments. Phone & Facetime sessions are available when clients request an additional session in-between appointments, are on vacation, or are away on business. 

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