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Walk & Talk Therapy: Nature Based

Are You Curious to See If a Walk & Talk Therapy Session Can Boost Self-Discovery and Reduce Stress/Anxiety?

Walk & Talk Therapy is a session that takes place outside of the office.

Being in nature, while mindfully walking and talking may help individuals think on a deeper level as their body releases mood-improving hormones and neurotransmitters during and after the walk.


Getting outside can feel amazing! Some clients notice that walking side-by-side rather than sitting face-to-face in the therapist’s office enables them to feel more comfortable and process things on a different level, while other clients like to mix-in a Walk & Talk Therapy session occasionally for a change.  It’s up to my clients to see what works best for them. In particular, clients who report anxiety state they really enjoy Walk & Talk Therapy sessions; as moving their body along with talking helps them to process things in a different way than they have before in a traditional psychotherapy setting. For someone who may be experiencing depression, relationship challenges, going through a divorce, grief from the loss of a loved one, etc., just being outside may help improve their emotional and mental state. 

Quote from the CNN article:  It's Spring! Take a Walk with Your Therapist

"Naturally, exercise creates endorphins, those feel-good hormones.  So, for someone who may be experiencing depression and/or grief,  just being outside may help improve their emotional and mental state".

Where We Walk:

Nature can have a sedative effect when you are seeing birds land in the pond that is along the path, that we walk on at the Ridgefield Recreation Center. The path has partial shade and is a mostly flat and even surface to walk on or operate your wheelchair effectively, there is a restroom inside the recreation center, and we can also take breaks at any time on the multiple benches along the paths.

How We Work: 

We walk at a mindful pace. Walk & Talk Therapy is not designed to be a workout; although it does encourage clients to be more active for mood and physical reasons.  Clients can bring their dog if this is something that is comforting for them as long as the dog has a quiet temperament. Walk & Talk Therapy is available for individual therapy.


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Note: We will review as part of the Informed Consent process, the benefits and possible risks of this process.