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Walk & Talk Therapy: Nature Based

Walk & Talk Therapy is a session that takes place outside of the office; as  part of an individual's psychotherapy and/or coaching process.


Getting outside can feel amazing; where nature can have a sedative effect that lowers stress levels and creates endorphins while your connect with nature.  So, for someone who may be experiencing depression or grief, just being outside can help improve their emotional and mental state.    


Participating in Walk & Talk Therapy (being out in public) involves some limits to confidentiality; where people may hear parts of our conversation and/or encountering someone you may know.

Client Agrees:

  • That they are responsible for setting the walking pace of the Walk & Talk session.
  • That they understand that this is not a workout and that while movement may be a physical benefit, the focus is not about exercise.
  • That they will communicate with Kelley Hopkins-Alvarez, LPC, LLC, if they are uncomfortable physically or emotionally while participating in Walk & Talk therapy.
  • That they will consult with their doctor before beginning Walk & Talk Therapy.
  • That they will convey any medical conditions that would be detrimental for Walk & Talk Therapy.
  • Clients takes full responsibility for their medical and physical well-being and will not hold Kelley Hopkins-Alvarez, LPC, LLC, legally and/or financially responsible for any medical conditions and/or accidents that may arise out of Walk &Talk Therapy such as, but not limited to: heart attacks, muscle strains, muscle pulls, muscle tears, shin splints, injuries to knees, injuries to back, injuries to foot, or any other illness or soreness that I may incur.
  • That they understand such therapist or coach may not be able to offer Walk & Talk Therapy and Coaching as an option.

Out-Of-Network Insurance Reimbursement:

At the present time, I cannot provide a receipt to be used for insurance for Walk & Talk therapy  sessions. Most insurance plans at this time do not reimburse for this session format (being outside).  In the future, I can see this hopefully changing, but as of right now, your receipt for any Walk & Talk Therapy session will not have CPT or Diagnosis Codes.