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My clients make progress!

             I offer email assistance outside of our sessions at no additional fee to keep you focused, provide encouragement, and expand your knowledge. My clients say that the fact that I may send information such as an article or short video in-between sessions is a major key to their growth. Also, check my blog and Facebook page for homework. Thinking about what we discuss outside of sessions and gaining new perspectives is essential to reinforce what we do in sessions. I use research-based methods that work and I encourage you to set aside time to attend to your own needs, such as therapy, and develop new perspectives while receiving the support you have been looking for. I listen and attend to you, and I pay close attention to how you feel and what your desired goals are. My purpose is to help you manifest those goals and to feel better.

Some Challenges that Clients Report When They First Make an Appointment:

• Anxiety / Loneliness

• Affair and Infidelity (including multiple affairs)  

• Sex, Intimacy and Body Image Issues 

• Divorce Recovery

• Co-Parenting Counseling

• Direction for Personal Growth

• Discernment Counseling

• Relationship and Couple Challenges

• Perfectionism (side effect of successful people)

• Professional Coaching

• Lack of Development and Flexible Coping Skills

• Chronic Pain

• Adult ADD / ADHD  

• Stress Management  and "Burnout"

• Grief and Loss

• Family of Origin Challenges

*Our office does not provide Court Mandated Anger Management Counseling